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Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits range from spending less time on commuting to a better work-life balance and improved productivity. For radiologists, home working is the perfect way to deal with a growing workload and the strain of being on call.

But how can HSL make this possible?

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Diagnostic displays are a better fit, they comply with all the required medical standards and guidelines. What’s more, they are engineered for optimal viewing of medical images.

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A number of well-controlled studies have demonstrated that diagnostic displays improve radiologist performance. In addition, a diagnostic display system delivers return on investment even after only one year of use as radiologists can come to the correct interpretation more quickly with diagnostic displays

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However, when processing a high volume of diagnostic exams (one/twice a week or full-time) at home, a diagnostic display that ticks all the boxes (i.e. a high luminance over time, the right pixel pitch and automated, interruption-free DICOM calibration) is required.

Whether your home reporting station is for Radiology, Cardiology or Pathology we can tailor your workstation around the needs of your home environment and offer our plus package which can include PAT Testing, servicing and support.

Experience the power of a complete collaboration solution.

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