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HSL provides virtual consultations and assured, reliable communications between patients and clinicians simple, using an app you may already have and use from day to day.

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Create a video first culture built to encourage collaboration through confidence of Zoom technology

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HSL are proud that Zoom have identified us as a leading healthcare solutions provider in the UK and Ireland through recognition of our skills, expertise and honesty as a partner.

Increasingly, healthcare organisations are realising wider benefits by embedding Zoom deeper into their digital strategies. As an accredited Zoom solution provider, we specialise in getting the best from the technology – saving you time, effort and money.

Our managed services offer the support in creating, deploying and maintaining digital strategy with customised Zoom solutions. You’ll have access to all the technical knowledge and expertise you need to develop, test, refine and implement new uses for Zoom which are always secure, always compliant and always easy to use.


Zoom in Healthcare from HSL, provides an assured, clinically secure highly reliable service derived from Zoom, that can integrate with any clinical workflow and provides a very simple and accessible application for patients to undertake a wide range of clinical consultations with the NHS.

The key aspects of the service for the clinician are: -

Integrates with your existing workflow for conducting patient consultations

Safe, reliable, secure and clinically assured

Accessible from any device

High quality audio and video making consultations and patient interactions easier to conduct

For the user: -

The same app that you use every day keeping in touch with your family and friends

Safe, secure and high quality

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25 Years experience

HSL staff have more that 25 years experience in providing the highest standards of collaboration experience in healthcare organisations.

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Zoom configurations

Compliant, secure account implementations that just work, while protecting healthcare organisations.

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Efficient digital workflows

Create efficient digital workflows that are aligned to existing healthcare process so that Zoom speeds up healthcare delivery, not delay it.

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KPI centric approach

KPI centric approach to meet and exceed ROI expectations for all interested organisation stakeholders.

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Customer success

Dedicated customer success manager assigned to each Zoom deployment. Usage and adoption plans improve Zoom service awareness.

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Service Operation Centre

Offer end users the comfort of UK dedicated support when they require it without the need to burden ICT departments.

Experience the power of a complete collaboration solution.

HSL simplifies video communication
for people, teams and clients

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