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Hospital Services Limited (HSL) applies innovative approach to space issues within healthcare sector through launch of The Acoustic Pod Collection

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Hospital Services Limited (HSL) applies innovative approach to space issues within healthcare sector through launch of The Acoustic Pod Collection

Specialist distributor of medical and surgical equipment, consumable products, and healthcare IT solutions, Belfast, Dublin and Midlands-based Hospital Services Limited (HSL) has announced an innovative new project which applies the company’s long-standing expertise in forward-thinking healthcare solutions through the customisation and supply of purpose-built, sound-proof workstations which can be adapted to a wide range of requirements by healthcare professionals.

With the launch of their new Acoustic Pod Collection, HSL is enabling healthcare professionals to create usable and secure work and consultation spaces within their existing facilities to allow for better collaboration amongst medical professionals and aid remote consultations and diagnostics between patients and their doctors.

The units range in size from the one-person Solo and Single Privacy Pods to larger Connect dual-person pods and Engage meeting pods which facilitate up to four people per pod. The exterior of these fully customisable pods is designed with steel and glass, with intricately fabricated acoustic panelling, foam, and sound-seclusion sealing guaranteeing privacy for confidential discussions and teleconferences. The ‘room within a room’ dynamic is ideal for open-plan workspaces and features include but are not limited to adjustable lighting, ventilation system, frosted glass for brand placement or privacy, worktables, upholstered bench seating, power outlet, data plugs, USB charging and other computer connections. HSL’s suite of technology from its Telehealth division can also be utilised, allowing for effortless software and hardware collaboration. The team proudly applies their expertise in supplying mobile and portable technologies for Diagnostic and Telehealth applications, and clients are fully encouraged and supported in their decision to customise their pods.

Innovation is one of HSL’s core values and ensuring patient care is the company’s main priority, and this technological solution will help ensure safety, efficiency and accessibility for healthcare practitioners and Oliver McDaniel, Director of Sales at HSL, was at the forefront of the rise in demand for this solution during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Acoustic Pod Collection was designed to address two core issues relating to open plan environments,” said Oliver. “The ergonomic and functional pods are packed with the latest technology and custom features to supply acoustic and visual privacy.”

He added, “Healthcare teams are looking to connect with clients virtually in aid of social-distancing. But also, spaces may be re-purposed to allow for more video consultations and meetings. These pods are an ideal solution. Popular examples of how these pods are being used can be found within Radiology where images can be reviewed remotely, or within healthcare teams who are virtually collaborating internally to discuss a patient’s follow-up.”

Since the launch of HSL’s Acoustic Pod Collection this month, the company has already seen significant interest from a number of health trusts across the UK and Ireland. “We are well positioned to deliver these innovative meeting and workspace requirements to our clients because of our in-depth understanding of their needs and approaches which has been developed over years of close working side-by-side with our clients. We look forward to continuing to roll out our Pods over the coming months as healthcare professionals explore new ways to work through remote and socially-distanced approaches,” Oliver added.

To learn more about how HSL is helping healthcare providers across the UK and Ireland deliver the highest level of patient care through innovative diagnostic, telehealth, and imaging solutions, visit  

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