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Hospital Services Limited works with trusts across the UK to deliver high standard imaging which fits existing building architecture

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A leading supplier of integrated healthcare solutions which specialises in the distribution of cutting-edge medical imaging devices, Hospital Services Limited is partnering with health trusts across the UK to deliver solutions to improve imaging quality and streamline workflows whilst working within limitations presented by hospital architecture. Featuring a compact design which works with low ceiling heights, the Shimadzu RadSpeed Fit can be installed without the need for extensive and costly building works.

The Shimadzu RadSpeed Fit offers fantastic image quality and is equipped with a floating tabletop that can support up to 320kg, an X-ray tube that can be moved freely over a wide range for truly easy positioning, and a removable grid to reduce patient exposure. Additionally, with its high image quality due to the large output power and simple operability, the RadSpeed Fit offers a sense of ease and operational comfort for users. The system is also equipped with a high-power generator with a maximum tube current of 500 mA (32 kW type) or 630 mA (56 kW type), levels that are unprecedented in conventional floor-mounted X-ray rooms. This provides imaging quality comparable to high-end models and ensures consistency of X-ray image diagnoses.

The Shimadzu RadSpeed Fit is compatible with the newest Shimadzu 99µm Glassless detector and advanced imaging software including Vuno AI Chest screening and its easy-to-use floor-mounted system is designed for ease and comfort in radiography.

Commenting on how HSL has enabled trusts to upgrade their imaging technologies whilst working within budgetary and physical limitations in their facilities HSL’s Regional Director of Operations Steve Leatherland said, “HSL has over 60 years’ experience working in partnership with trusts across the UK and Ireland to ensure they are delivering a high standard of patient care whilst also working to maximise efficiencies and improve user experience for radiography teams.”

“Now, more than ever, healthcare trusts across the board are seeking out ways to optimise their limited budgets. Because of the high adaptability of the RadSpeed Fit to work within areas of the hospital with lower ceiling clearances, trusts can avoid costly building projects that could be required of other comparable equipment to create required headspace whilst remaining uncompromised on the high standard of imaging and diagnostics carried out within their departments,” Steve added.

HSL partners with hospitals and trusts throughout the UK on a wide range of imaging projects, from general x-ray equipment to more specialised products including cutting-edge flat panel C-Arm suites, image guided lithotripsy systems and high-end lasers. Its team works closely in partnership with radiology and surgical teams to develop an understanding of their needs and deliver technologies that meet requirements for accuracy, ease of use, durability, and user and patient experience whilst also providing comprehensive continued support for maintenance, calibration, testing and repairing when required.

In addition to supplying state of the art technologies for healthcare, HSL’s team provides a high level of continued support for trusts, offering continued training, maintenance, and servicing to ensure that standards are maintained beyond the installation phase of the project. For more information on the Shimadzu RadSpeed Fit available through Hospital Services Limited visit or email

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