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HSL Helps Hampshire Hospitals Enhance MDT Collaboration and Patient Outcomes with Pulse Platform

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HSL solutions:

Fully customized Pulse solution powered by Pexip

Key Benefits:

Reduced costs and time spent travelling for both patients and clinicians, especially for those who are remote or immobile.

Improved patient care and outcomes by enabling access to specialists, timely diagnosis, and monitoring, and sharing of clinical data and images in real time.

Enhanced communication and collaboration among the multi-disciplinary teams across multiple sites, as well as for training and education purposes.


The aim of the project is to improve the collaboration and communication among the multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) involved in orthopedic care across multiple hospital sites. The project is an example of how innovative technology can facilitate integrated care and enhance patient care.


Before the video conferencing project was implemented, the trust faced several challenges in delivering effective and integrated orthopedic care across multiple sites. Some of these challenges were:

The lack of face to face communication and collaboration among the MDTs, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, which required remote working and social distancing.

The difficulty in accessing and sharing clinical data, EOR, imaging and test results in real time, which could affect the quality and timeliness of decision making and patient care.


The solution HSL’s video conferencing platform called Pulse, powered by Pexip, which integrates with Microsoft Teams and Cisco equipment. The platform allows the MDTs to share clinical data, access the electronic patient record (EPR), and view imaging and test results in real time, regardless of their location. The platform also enables the MDTs to benefit from the expertise of consultants from the regional centre of excellence for osteotomy in Basingstoke, leading to better outcomes for patients with complex orthopaedic cases. The platform is easy to use, secure, and flexible, and can accommodate meetings of various sizes and formats, as well as training and general meetings. The platform was implemented by HSL, in collaboration with the consultation and IT teams at HHFT. The platform has been successfully adopted by the hip, knee, and upper limb MDTs, and has improved the level of collaboration and communication among the MDTs across multiple sites.


Commenting on the collaboration with HSL to deliver this innovative video conferencing solution David Howard, Lead Orthopaedic Surgical Practitioner and Orthopaedic MDT Lead at Hampshire Hospitals said, “From the second I got involved in the project, access to HSL’s team was simple and no request was ever a problem. HSL’s in-depth knowledge of our work and understanding of our needs as well as their calmness when reacting to challenges and fielding technical queries made them ideal partners for implementing the solution.”

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