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HSL launches ‘next generation’ Telehealth solution for Stroke Care

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HSL solutions:

Fully customized Pulse solution powered by Pexip

Ergotron powered cart

All in one PC

Key benefits:

  • Provides timely life saving interventions
  • Improves patient outcomes after stroke
  • Simple easy to use workflow


This project aims to address the challenges and gaps in current stroke services, such as lack of local specialists, the delays in diagnosis and treatment, and the lack of integration and security of remote consultation services.


The existing remote diagnosis systems were not integrated, secure or user-friendly, and they depend on dedicated devices and network services that may not be available or reliable. These challenges result in delays, inefficiencies, for stroke patients, especially during late evening and overnight periods when local specialists may not be available. To address these challenges, HSL developed a next generation Telehealth solution that enables remote consultation and diagnoses of stroke patients by expert neurologists using a simple app on a tablet, smartphone or laptop. This solution is integrated with the Health Service infrastructure, assures security and privacy, and allows the results to be included in the electronic care record.


One of HSL’s flagship projects is the Telestroke service, which aims to improve the outcomes of stroke patients in Northern Ireland. The project was initiated by HSL CEO Dominic Walsh, who envisioned a system that would enable remote consultation and diagnosis of stroke patients by expert neurologists. He presented his idea to a group of leading consultants in June 2019, and received positive feedback and support. The project then entered the clinical trial phase, where HSL worked closely with the health authorities and the hospitals to develop and test a medical grade solution that meets the highest standards of quality and safety. The Telestroke service allows stroke patients to receive timely and effective care, regardless of their location or the availability of local specialists. The project has been a success story for HSL, as it demonstrates the potential of Telehealth to transform the delivery of healthcare in Northern Ireland and beyond.


Commenting on this exciting step in stroke care, consultant stroke physicians Dr Enda Kerr and Dr Michael McCormick said, “We are impressed by the simplicity and elegance of the solution that was presented to us by HSL. Being able to intervene, support our colleagues and conduct remote consultations with the patient from a tablet or phone has changed how we work and speeds up diagnosis and time critical treatments. Time is of the essence when treating someone who has had a stroke, so literally every minute counts. The Telehealth platform has the potential to make a significant contribution to improved patient outcomes after stroke, especially during late evening and overnight periods”.

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