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Ramsay Health Care’s Tech Refresh Success with HSL

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HSL solutions:

Eizo Clinical Review Display

Eizo Surgical Display

Ergotron Style View with LCD Pivot Powered Cart


Ramsay Health Care UK (Ramsay), a leading provider of private healthcare services in the UK, enlisted the expertise of HSL to spearhead a comprehensive tech refresh initiative spanning 34 of their healthcare sites. This upgrade was part of the company wide PACs/RIS upgrade programme. With a commitment to delivering exceptional patient care and operational efficiency, Ramsay recognized the importance of modernizing their technological infrastructure. The collaboration with HSL aimed to upgrade and streamline Clinical and Surgical Displays including carts. This ambitious project not only sought to enhance the overall patient experience but also aimed to empower healthcare professionals with top quality tools to deliver superior care.


Prior to embarking on the tech refresh project with HSL, Ramsay had a mixed estate comprising varied displays and theatre carts across the 34 sites. Maintaining legacy infrastructure proved to be increasingly costly and time-consuming, diverting resources away from strategic initiatives and impeding innovation. Recognizing the imperative to streamline operations and enhance system reliability, Ramsay initiated the transition towards a centralized estate in collaboration with HSL, aiming to unify their IT infrastructure, and lay a robust foundation for future growth and digital transformation.


The solution provided by HSL to address Ramsay’s tech refresh needs comprised the deployment of 388 Eizo Clinical Review displays strategically placed within outpatients, nursing stations, and consulting rooms. Additionally, 84 Eizo Surgical Displays were integrated onto Ergotron Style View Powered carts, meticulously customized to meet Ramsay’s specific requirements. This comprehensive setup ensured optimized visualization and efficient workflow management across various clinical settings, empowering healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art tools to deliver superior patient care while enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.


Following the implementation of the tech refresh solution provided by HSL, Ramsay witnessed transformative results across their healthcare facilities. With 388 Eizo Clinical Review A white logo with a black and white background

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“The successful rollout of medical carts throughout our departments is a shining example of the power of effective communication and pain-free smooth implementation. The team at HSL provided us with clear communication and seamless execution during the full rollout. We look forward to the benefits it will bring to staff and patients in our hospitals. This partnership with HSL has empowered Ramsay to elevate the standard of care while driving operational excellence, positioning the organization at the forefront of healthcare technology innovation.” Andrew Heath – Operations Manager  – Diagnostic Systems Ramsay Health Care UK.

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